Atlantic Black by A.S Patric


Our review:
From the winner of the 2016 Miles Franklin Award, this is a haunting and powerful story that takes place over one day and one night on New Years Eve, 1938.
Katerina is a seventeen year old ambassador’s daughter and together with her mother, they are heading away from Europe across the Atlantic Ocean on a huge cruise ship.
Katerina’s mother suffers a psychotic breakdown and Katerina is then left alone for the first time in her life. As she freely roams the ship in search of independence and meaning, Katerina finds herself pulled in by the ship’s lurid cast of characters from all stations of life. This scenario has all the ingredients for disaster and Katerina has only her own resources and judgment to fall back on. Through her eyes we witness loneliness, love and loss, unexpected familial betrayal and the far away voices from her brother and father. The novel’s underlying air of menace is felt not only by the never-ending rolling dark waves of the Atlantic, but by the threat of the impending fracturing Second World War looming on the horizon.
Highly recommended. Review by Jenny @ Great Escape Books.