Bridget Crack by Rachel Leary (REVIEW)


Our Review:
Bridget Crack is a twenty one year old convict who has arrived in Hobart Town, Van Dieman’s Land in 1827. She is sent to work as a domestic servant, but finds the work unbearable and after being punished for insubordination and sent from one place to another, she finds out she is to be sent to the ‘“Interior”, where the hard cases are sent – and subjected to an isolated and brutally hard life with a cruel master. Bridget escapes and soon finds herself lost in the Tasmanian wilderness, only to be saved and rescued from certain death, by Matt Sheedy, a bushranger on the run. But her survival among dangerous and murderous bushrangers is a different kind of hardship and suffering. Surrounded by the wild, rugged and inaccessible Tasmanian landscape and hunted by soldiers, Bridget finds she has to make a near impossible decision in order to survive.
This is haunting, gripping and moving literary historical fiction about a young woman’s struggle for survival in the beautiful, yet brutal and unforgiving landscape of Tasmania. The vivid imagery and prose will pull you in and have you turning the pages until well past midnight. I loved it.
Review by Jenny @ Great Escape Books