Jean Harley Was Here by Heather Taylor


Our Review…
This is a poignant, gentle and beautifully written novel which explores loss and grief and moving on. Jean Harley dies suddenly. Her husband and son, her closest friends, her mother in America and mother-in-law closer to home, a niece, an old lover – all are in some way derailed by her death, and none more than the devastated driver of the van that hit and killed her. Spoken from the points of view of those feeling the loss you come to understand that it comes in many forms.
This is a touching story of relationships in all their varied forms and how family and friends unite and cope with grief.
While this is a book with a death at its core, it is also an uplifting story with a message about embracing life while we are around, to share and value experiences with those we love and about following our dreams while the opportunities are there.
At times funny and also sad, “Jean Harley Was Here”, is a beautiful read that will stay with me for a long time. For days afterwards it will have you examining your own relationships and questioning and wondering “what if”. I loved this book.
Review by Jenny @ Great Escape Books