The Child Finder, by Rene Denfeld


Our Review:
The Child Finder by Rene Denfeld

This is a beautiful, powerful and extraordinary book with unforgettable characters.
When children go missing, Naomi, a private investigator and renowned Child Finder, makes it her life’s mission to find them. Once a lost child herself, Naomi seems to have a magical ability to find those who seem to be lost forever.
When a five year old girl goes missing during a family outing to find a Christmas tree in the snow laden woods in Oregon, a search fails to find any sign of the young girl.
Naomi is sought out by the parents to work this case after a few years of no leads. This is the story of Madeline, the missing girl and also of Naomi’s search in finding herself.
The power of fairytales are woven into this captivating and magically well written story about survival and freedom. The beautiful prose will grab hold of your whole being and gently pull you through this harrowing tale.
This is going on my favourites shelf.
Review by Jenny @ Great Escape Books