The Golden House by Salman Rushdie – Review


Our Review…Who is the enigmatic Nero Julius Golden? Recently emigrated with his three adult sons – with no visible sign of a wife – into “Gardens,” an exclusive area of New York’s Greenwich Village where all of the mansions are inter-connected by gardens hidden away from the bustling city, it’s residents are at turns fascinated and perplexed by the Goldens’.
Told from the view of Rene,a young aspiring filmmaker, Rene gleefully discovers in Nero Golden the perfect subject for his next project…a mysterious man from an unnamed country, with excessive wealth, Nero has renamed his sons and carefully guards his family history and all it’s secrets.
With equal measures satire and keen insight, Salman Rushdie’s newest novel explores power, privilege and politics amid the unsettled American political landscape commencing with the inauguration of Barack Obama and the rise of ‘the Joker,’ the man with ‘the colored hair’ a thinly veiled portrait of Trump – to great effect. A rich, chaotic novel, Salman Rushdie draws you in and dazzles with his tales of greed, desire and seduction, treachery, lies and loss. Review by Nicole@Great Escape Books