The Goldfish Boy, by Lisa Thompson- Review


Our Review:
Like a goldfish in a bowl, 12-year-old Matthew Corbin sits in the second story window of his house and witnesses life going on around him in his suburban neighbourhood. He is unable to wander far or often from his home-bound world due to the paralysing effects of his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). At the heart of the book is a mind boggling mystery involving a missing toddler, with Matthew being the last person to see the child. Where has Teddy Dawson disappeared to and how can Matthew solve a mystery if he can’t leave his room? I thought I’d solved the mystery a number of times before it was revealed!
This is a genuinely clever mystery, an awkward and different detective and a suburban world where nothing is quite what it seems.
I simply loved this book. It has something for everyone – a mystery, a peek into a young life with OCD and a group of wonderful characters that will stay with you.
Highly, very highly, recommended!

Review by Jenny @ Great Escape Books.