The Music Shop by Rachel Joyce (REVIEW)


Our Review:
Set in 1988 this is a moving and enchanting story about Frank who owns a music shop selling only vinyl records. Frank knows everything about music and has a gift for choosing just the right music for his customers‚Ķ.. music they could not have imagined they needed but music which heals or helps or soothes. The music shop is Frank’s life, until one day a mysterious woman walks into his life – German Ilse Brauchmann – and from then on everything in his world changes. There are some really wonderful characters in this fabulous story and there is also a lovely nurturing community feel surrounding the music shop on Unity street.The general everyday goings on at the music shop are highly entertaining and I found myself often laughing out loud. This is a delightful and enjoyable character driven story about love, music and life. It has made me feel differently about music and I will be listening to it in a completely new way from now on. The Music Shop will bring you pure joy and make your heart fly and sing. I loved this book.
Review by Jenny @ Great Escape Books.