The Scandal by Fredrick Backman


Our Review…
Beartown is a small, economically challenged town in a dense Swedish forest. Hockey is the life blood of Beartown and everyone lives and breathes hockey, it is the one thing that binds this town together.
Beartown and its residents are poised on the cusp of greatness with their junior team this year- for winning is everything in Beartown.
When a tumultuous event occurs just before the Grand Final, the people of this small community are left reeling and suddenly at odds where their loyalties lie.
The Scandal is a compelling inner look at how families, teams, coaches, students, those alone and in communities, respond in the face of great moral challenge.
There is a big mix of brilliantly sketched characters in this novel who each have their own personal stories to tell – some have big secrets, some who perform evil, but most importantly, many of them will demonstrate what it means to have a moral compass, to show courage in the face of adversity and even give up their dreams if it means survival for their small town.

You most definitely don’t have to be a hockey fan to love The Scandal. You will be pulled into this captivating book and enjoy the addictive story telling of Fredrik Backman.

Review by Jenny & Nic @ Great Escape Books