47 Degrees by Justin D’Ath- Our Review


Our Review…It is not going to be an ordinary day. Twelve year old Zeelie is already feeling uneasy when her father goes over his fire plan. As the temperature climbs to a scorching 47 degrees, Zeelie needs to draw on her own instincts, courage and skills to deal with what is ahead. There are so many questions bouncing around in Zeelie’s mind. How will she protect her pets? What should she take with her? How will she contact her Mum and brother when they have forgotten to take their phone with them?
As Zeelie’s world turns from carefree and colourful, to where everything looks bare, scorched, and grey, she digs deep to find persistence and resilience and subsequently begins to see with clarity the things that are most important in her life.
47 Degrees is a fast past novel which I enjoyed because Zeelie was a strong character I wanted to spend time with as she went through her ordeal. Based on true facts from Justin D’Ath’s experiences during Black Saturday, one of Australia’s worst bush fires, this believable and heartfelt story is a great platform to launch discussions within families about their fire plans and the importance of working together as a community.

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