99th Koala: Rescue and resilience on Kangaroo Island by Kailas Wild – Our Review


Our Review…

While sitting in a fire briefing in Marrickville NSW, Kailas Wild learns of a plea for help for an injured koala stranded up a tree in bushfire ravaged Kangaroo Island.

An arborist by trade, overnight he reschedules all his clients and drives south. Along the way doubt creeps in – is he is going to be of help or just a hindrance? Nevertheless, drives over 1500km in 20 hours and catches the early morning ferry to Kangaroo Island.

What he finds there dismays and inspires him. The devastation wrought by the fires on eucalypt plantations and bushlands is overwhelming. Yet the eclectic but initially disorganised array of volunteers from the Australian Defence Force to Australia Zoo and even help from NZ, inspires him to keep going.

Kailas Wild comes across as an ordinary bloke, who through dogged determination and a huge heart ,makes an enormous contribution to saving the Kangaroo Island koalas.

With exceptional photos throughout, this is an inspiring story of overcoming all odds.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books