A Brief Affair by Alex Miller – Our Review


Our Review…

Dr Frances Egan, 42 successfully climbing the ladder in the heady world of Academia has her world rocked by one seismic event. During a China mission she has a moment in time that takes her out of her world and changes her forever.

Back home she is unhappy, sees her life as the joyless struggle it really is, competitive, nasty and the drive for security and prestige, taking her away from the dream of just teaching students and influencing their life. The college she belongs to was a mental asylum and she is given a book hidden for years from one of the inmates. She tracks her down and starts the next chapter of her life with her family, on their farm with characters they have collected along the way.

Emotional and uplifting, casting a critical eye over the harsh reality of Academic life, reminding us that love and joy make life worth living and to never settle for any less. Loved it.

Review by Sue @ Great Escape Books