A Brush with Birds: Paintings and Stories from the Wild by Richard Weatherly and Edited by Nan McNab (Hardback)


Our Review…

The magnificent ‘A Brush with Birds’ is a must-have big beautiful tome for all lovers of nature.

Richard Weatherly is a regenerative farmer and a keen falconer, and while he is not an ornithologist, since early childhood has had a keen interest in the natural world.

In this near 300 page exquisite coffee table book, his detailed illustrations and encounters with birds and other wildlife across the globe will delight and transport you away.

Written with keen insight and a charming self-deprecating sense of humour, ‘A Brush with Birds’ is a huge joy to read and a great addition to the growing body of Australian literature on birds and native wildlife.

Drop in and be awed by the beauty of this book!

Review By Nicole @ Great Escape Books


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