A Different Dog by Paul Jennings


A Different Dog by Paul Jennings
Our Review
This is the story about a young boy who finds it impossible to speak in front of others. He has no friends and is bullied at school. He is on his way to a community mountain running race, to hopefully win the prize money, so as he can bring himself and his mother out of extreme poverty. On the way to the start of the race, he witnesses a car accident and tries to help – but instead ends up on a life changing adventure trying to find his way out of the mountainous terrain with the driver’s dog. Before he and the dog are rescued, the boy discovers some very unusual qualities about the dog. This dog will change the boy’s life forever.
This is a book about survival, courage and overcoming fear. It is gripping, exciting and meaningful. I love the haunting illustrations by Geoff Kelly.
It is a thought provoking read which raises questions about ethics, choices and forgiveness for past mistakes. There are themes of grief, shame and guilt and also parts of the story raise issues of animal cruelty and bullying.
A gripping and surprising read for readers aged 10 plus.
Review by Jenny @ Great Escape Books

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