A Girl Called Corpse: An Elston-Fright Tale by Reece Carter – Our Review


Our Review…

Your children will soon be grinning with delight as they fall in love with both the humour of A Girl Called Corpse and the fabulous characters of the adorable little ghost girl Corpse and her faithful best friend Simon the spider.

Corpse makes herself less of a ghost and more ‘real’ by constructing a body of seaweed for hair and shells for eyes and ears, with a wax body. She and Simon have long been hiding out on an island, the ‘rock-that-doesn’t -exist’- one which human eyes just keep sliding off. They have also long been dodging a terrible trio of creepy witches.

Corpse knows there is a mystery surrounding her. She can’t access her memories, so when she receives an unexpected message from an Old Man ghost, she finds the courage to embark on a quest to find her memories and identity and maybe dodge the odd sea monster and witch along the way.

Reece Carter is a West Australian author who says the inspiration for the book was the forgotten fishing town of Elston-Fright, inspired by the area around Geographe Bay where Reece spent his childhood holidays.

A fantastic uplifting book, filled with light and humour perfect for ages 9-12 years.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books