A Girl Called Owl by Amy Wilson


Our Review…
Just wanting to be normal, in a world where teenagers don’t like to stand out, it’s seriously uncool for you’re lovable but vague mum to name you ‘Owl’. Owl’s world spins when delicate frost patterns start appearing across her skin and Owl starts freezing everything in sight. Wanting nothing more to hide under her duvet and hope it all goes away, otherworldly creatures flitter in and out of sight and Owl is forced to suspect that it is all linked to the mysterious father, whom her mother consistently has refused to talk about.
When a new boy turns up at school and unusually displays a keen interest in her Owl, she and her best friend Mallory knows something odd is definitely up. Resilient and adventurous, Owl decides to take matters into her own hands.
This is a very beautiful novel, one while based in reality, draws upon old Celtic legends of magic. Resonating with humour, it is a glorious story of the joys of unusual families and friendship in very strange places. Great for ages 10-14 years.
Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books