A Lifetime of Impossible Days by Tabitha Bird – Our Review


Our Review…

Tabitha Bird’s debut novel, A Lifetime of Impossible Days is something special.
The book tells the mysterious and magical story of Willa Waters, who at eight years old creates a time slip that allows her to visit her future selves.
The novel is told from Willa’s three perspectives, alternating between eight years old, to her 33 and 93 year old selves.
Willa’s life is filled with tragedy, haunted by her memories and trauma, Willa needs to decide by which path her journey will take.
She is given this glimpse into her future, an unusual opportunity to make sense of her grief and pain. Can she find her inner strength? Can she rise above, to make a way for love and hope?
Tabitha Bird is a natural story teller, her work is raw and profound. It brought a deep sense of healing, and captured my being. A book of beauty from the ashes. I’m still feeling the afterglow of this book!
Review by Lydia @Great Escape Books