A Lighthouse Story by Holly James and Illustrated by Laura Chamberlain (Hardback) – Our Review


Our Review…

Beautifully written and informative, ‘A Lighthouse Story’ takes you on an immersive adventure into the life of a lighthouse keeper.

We join Eva on her visits to her beloved Grandad, where he teaches her the workings and history of lighthouses, as well as the chores required to keep the lighthouse shinning at its brightest. Along with Eva, we learn why lighthouses come in all different shapes and sizes and how they flash different patterns with their light so sailors can identify them. We also discover how lighthouses withstand the tumultuous weather conditions of the coastline.

The illustrations in this story are so beautiful and vibrant, you feel as if you are there exploring the lighthouse and surrounding spectacular costal environment yourself. As we are lucky enough to have our own extraordinary lighthouse here in Aireys Inlet, this is the perfect story to accompany your own adventures and explorations, with a deeper insight into the stories behind these incredible buildings.

Review by Jess @ Great Escape Books