A little bit lost (The Wild Life #3) by Laura Bunting & Illustrated by Philip Bunting – Our Review


Our Review…

Roo is a bit startled to find when she wakes from a sleep full of wondrous dreams that she has three new babies – ‘weird babies’ – in her pouch. This leads to much consternation on the part of her good friends Wombat and Quokka, who scratch their heads and declare in disbelief ‘Roo these are bird babies!’

Join in the hilarity and general mischief as Roo and the gang go on a quest across the land to find the young chicks parents.

If you and your children haven’t discovered the world of the Laura and Philip Bunting yet, you are in for a super treat, as the staff and I giggled ourselves silly reading the first chapter aloud and admiring the fabulously entertaining illustrations. Great for ages 6-10 years.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books