A Rabbit’s Tale by Sally de Gruchy and Kat Buchanan – Our Review


Short mindfulness practices can foster life skills such as how to calm nerves, harness awareness and choose empowering thoughts. A Rabbit’s Tale explores three mini mindfulness exercises that are simple, take very little time and are scientifically proven to enhance wellbeing.

‘Hmmf,’ Ralfie grumbled, ‘a VERY bad day.’
He had a mind FULL of worries and did NOT feel okay…

Ralfie runs away from home to escape his woes. Who will he meet and what will he discover on his journey? Join him on this rhythmic adventure to find out.

Our Review…
The young Rabbit Ralfie struggles through his daily activities due to stress and anxiety. His fear becomes overwhelming and unbearable, so he decides to run away from his normal life. On his way he runs into different animals who each give him strategies involving meditation, body scanning and music to navigate his anxiety. At the end of his journey, Ralfie sees a fellow rabbit in distress and shares what he’s learned to calm her down. With the new guidance he’s received, Ralfie now has the courage to return home and face his fears.

This book is perfect for anyone who struggles with anxiety. It’s written so beautifully with rhymes and rhythm and the illustrations are gorgeous.

Review by Pippa @ Great Escape Books