A Tale of Magic by Chris Colfer (Hardcover) – Our Review

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Our Review:
Brystal is 14 and has lived with her family in the southern kingdom her whole life. Magic is banned in the kingdom and the penalty is death.
She loves to read, but the Southern Kingdom doesn’t allow women to read.

Brystal secretly gets a job at the local library and works as a maid at night. She takes books home and reads during the night.
She finds a secret passage in the library. That leads to a secret library.

Brystal learns from a book that she has magical abilities. One night she is caught using magic and is sent to a camp to be “cured”. After a week at the camp Madame Weatherberry pays her visit.

This book was really good, I preferred it over the Land of Stories. It was very captivating from the start.
Review by Ruby – guest reviewer (Age 13)