A Thousand Moons by Sebastian Barry- Our Review


Our Review:
A Thousand Moons, is the much anticipated follow up to Sebastian Barry’s novel, ‘Days without End’ which was awarded the 2016, Costa book of the year.

Narrated in the voice of Winona, an orphaned young Native Indian woman who has grown up, after being adopted by the two soldiers Thomas McNulty and John Cole who we came to know in the first book installation.

Set in 1870s Tennessee, Barry brings vivid imagery of the unlikely trio forging a life together in the aftermath of the Civil War.

Experiencing love and receiving an education, Winona is coming of age and preparing for future marriage proposals. Yet, Winona enters the greatest fight of her life when a traumatic event threatens to consume her.

With no words to express her pain, let alone confront the reality of what it all means… the pain reverberates throughout.

This beautifully written book is a journey of one woman’s fight, of her determination to carve out her own story and to remember the human capacity for love above all else.
Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books

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