A Tiny Light by Alison Lester (Hardcover) – Our Review


Our Review…

A wonderful new story from one of our all-time favourites!

Alison Lester ’s latest release takes us on a bedtime journey with tiny fairies called Twinkles who come from the Milky Way to be our guides. Featuring shooting stars, constellations, and doorways to colourful dreamscapes. Waking in the morning to the familiar sounds of kookaburras and magpies as well as the promise of a new exciting day. The illustrations are beautiful and help to tell the tale of the Earth’s night-time spectacular and the delights that are there for us both in reality and in our dreams.

Written with a in melodic rhymes, this is the perfect bedtime story full of comfort and wonder. A perfect gift for Alison Lester fans and a story to be enjoyed by all.

Review by Jess @ Great Escape Books