A Very Nice Girl by Imogen Crimp – Our Review


Our Review…

‘A Very Nice Girl’ by Imogen Crimp is such a unique and intriguing book that left me musing over well after I had finished. It tells the story of Anna, and follows a year in her life. Her quite messy and emotional life, which is all to relatable of a life lived in young adulthood.

Anna is training to be an opera singer, and has moved to London to train at a highly renowned conservatory. Anna is a complex character, and she embodies the incredible drive of a young woman dedicated to her music and yet we see her struggling with her own very present brokenness.

Anna meets Max, and their plight in life is stark. Max is much older, very handsome and is established in his financial career. He is confident, even arrogant…a man and moving his way through a divorce

Anna on first meeting, finds herself quite unimpressed by Max and yet she becomes absolutely consumed by soaking up his attention. Even to the detriment of everything else in her life.

‘A Very Nice Girl’ is written from Anna’s point of view, and is an engaging and fascinating read. A somewhat disturbing, toxic story that is really about navigating romantic relationships as a young person and this dichotomy of love and loss that must be explored.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books