A Walk in the Dark by Jane Godwin – Our Review


Our Review…

A thrilling and poignant young adult read, suitable for ages 11 plus.

When the year 9 students at Otway Community School are invited to participate in an overnight hike, they could never be prepared for what is about to hit them.

A survival activity, the teens are dropped 20kms from the school with only the essentials and no adults. In groups they must come together to make it back to school, using their own physical, mental, and emotional resources and the backpack on their shoulders. What should be a strength building exercise, turns horribly wrong and the five teenagers must put aside their differences to survive.

Set on the Great Ocean Road, in the Otway Ranges, it is a perfect read to immerse yourself in the lush green forest landscape while the thriller unfolds.

Relatable, real and an engaging read, perfect to keep your teen happy these school holidays.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books