Abandon Every Hope: Essays for the Dead – Longlisted for the 2024 Stella Prize by Hayley Singer – Our Review


Our Review…

In her Essays for the Dead, Hayley Singer dismantles the human barriers we put up to shield ourselves from “how [we] are becoming sick from this world.”

Her writing forces us to sit in the discomfort of our own suffering and the suffering of others, including the environment  and animals. Instead of accepting this reality and the horrors of exploitative farming, animal torture and global capitalism, while we “crawl about and weep and [call this] life,” Singer charges us with a responsibility to do better, by ourselves and others.

 Singer’s pastiche of prose, poetry, memoir and essay offers a thorough literature review of philosophers, poets, novelists and environmentalists to add to your reading lists. Her exquisite, acerbic and astute writing will appeal to those who have enjoyed the writing of Laura Jean McKay and Ceridwen Dovey.

Review by Katina @Great Escape Books