Accidental Feminists by Jane Caro – Our Review


The 2020 ABIA Longlist- General Non-Fiction Book of the Year

Our Review:
“Perhaps that was always patriarchy’s fatal flaw. No matter how much they held us back, no matter how many obstacles they put in our way, no matter how low our self-esteem or bitter our disappointments, they could not drain our brains out of our ears, or (totally) smash our spirit.”

This quote gave me goosebumps, and it illustrates the brilliant punchiness that fills this text from start to finish.

‘Accidental Feminists’ by Jane Caro is an ode to the baby boomer women, the generation of women born after World War II. These women, Caro writes, are the accidental revolutionaries of feminism, those who have gained the most ground in the fight for equality.

This book is a testament to the bravery and courage of women who have dared to dream and fight for a world of equality for all.

Caro breathes the strength to call out the patriarchy, to revel in how far we have come as a society, while being realistic about the change so desperately needed for the future.

As I devoured this book, I pulled out a journal to record the countless powerful quotes that stayed with me, such was the impact.
It’s the type of book that you read with a list of girlfriends in mind, that you must recommend it to, so you can debrief with!
Review by Lydia @greatescapebooks