Act of Grace by Anna Krien – Our Review – Miles Franklin Longlisted


Our Review:

Act of Grace by Anna Krien is one of those books, that you know you won’t be able to put down right from the first page.

It’s a stunningly raw novel that is deep, profound and challenging told through intertwining characters.

Nasim, an Iraqi impassioned pianist has tragically fallen out of favour with Saddam Hussein and his lunatic son, prompting an uncertain quest for her own safety.

Years later Gerry lives in fear of his father Toohey, who is so damaged by his service with the Australian military l in Iraq. Toohey is a terrifying man bearing the emotional and physical disfigurements of war that ripple painfully through to his family.

While Robbie is coping with her father’s tragic dementia, managing the emotional rollercoaster that has enveloped her life.

These three stories collide in a spectacular novel, this is a book about transformation and the hope of reconciliation amidst the mess.

I’m so glad I read this book, it impacted me deeply and has stayed with me. A book that is very powerful.
Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books