Actress by Anne Enright- Our Review


Our Review:
Irish author Anne Enright is as one of the most significant living writers in Irish literature, her exquisite writing including the multi- award winning ‘The Green Road’ and ‘The Gathering’.

Actress is carrying me away from the daily headlines and into a world of a beautiful but fractured relationship between a famous mother and her intuitive daughter, Norah.
Katherine O’Dell is one of those mega famous stars who makes jaws go slack and grown men babble. Her life is one grand performance with her young child hovering in shadows from the wing. But this is no ordinary tale, as we know in Katherine’s later years she commits a senseless crime.

This is a story of a daughter searching for the truth, of understanding not only her complicated relationship with her mother, but of what pushed her glittering mother over the edge.

The writing is stunningly beautiful, each chapter resonates with hidden depths. Actress is absolutely taking me out of the dark places into the light.
Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books