2022 Longlisted Indie and ABIA Awards- After Story by Larissa Behrendt – Our Review


Our Review…
Della is an aboriginal woman from a tiny rural town, who has suffered some catastrophic events in her life. Her distanced daughter Jasmine has defied all odds and is now a successful lawyer.

When Jasmine’s friend pulls out of their planned Literary Tour of England, Jasmine takes Della instead, hoping to reconnect with her mother and give her an opportunity to experience something outside of her small town.

Each day, the story is told through the eyes of both Jasmine and Della, as they delve into the lives and minds of literary legends like Virginia Woolf, Shakespeare and Jane Austen. Della finds it hard to engage in these discussions as she doesn’t read books, but as she reflects, she makes connections to her own life experience. Jasmine looks after her mother as they start to confront some of their past traumas together.

Through this beautifully told story, Behrandt cleverly discusses the issues of race and colonialism, as well as family violence and generational trauma. At times confronting, but ultimately uplifting and deeply moving.