Age of Vice by Deepti Kapoor – Our Review


Our Review…

‘Age of Vice’ is a saga of a book. It could easily be spread throughout two books, but instead, we get this hefty and luxurious story all in one glorious novel. It is a dusty, power driven, corrupt time in modern India, and money and pleasure count for everything.

Told through three different times and perspectives, we met three different people, and we become immersed in life through their eyes.
Ajay, a servant who has a whole background life that is so formative to who he is and who he will become. Rising through the ranks to be a valued help, alive, yet burdened by an early life of poverty and desperation.
Sunny, the spoilt, obnoxious, and sometimes infuriatingly selfish heir to unimaginable wealth and privilege. Striving to outshine his father, with nothing to lose.
While Neda, is a strong and intelligent journalist who is torn between her head and her heart, caught in the danger and drama of the streets in a world not meant for women.
When, in the middle of the night, a screeching flashy Mercedes crashes, killing five people dead, a lonely servant with no recollection of the accident stands alone and takes the fall.

A bold, enthralling epic tale that is, at times, forceful and most certainly confronting. It is a story of family, loyalty, and love. So good!

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books