All She Wants by Kelli Hawkins – Our Review


Our Review…
Poor Lindsay, been with Mark forever it seems, drifting apart and all dreams of having a child fading away and she bolts towards 40. She makes the decision to see a private investigator to find out if he is unfaithful. She meets Natalie and very quickly realises Mark has met someone else and they part.

Lindsay struggles with her teaching job, paying rent and the acceptance that she will never have her dream family. Doom seemingly averted when her new best friend Natalie introduces her to Jack, her brother, perfect, too perfect?

Swept off her feet, pregnant at last and still reeling from the speed of it the perfect romance. Jack and Natalie’s past in England is unravelling and historic events are linked in to unsettle Lindsay as she fears for her and the unborn baby’s safety.

Crashes to an exciting and dangerous final. Real thriller, loved it, curl up for great Autumn read.

Review by Sue @ Great Escape Books.

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