American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins- Our Review


Our Review…

Bullets tear through her family and everything she knows to be true, is shattered into a million small pieces.

Lydia’s comfortable middle-class existence explodes when her family is targeted due to her unknowing friendship with the charismatic Javier Crespo Fuentes, ‘Toda mi familia esta muerta por mi culpa: my whole family is dead because of me’.

Fleeing with her young son Luca, she has little time to grieve as she casts off her old life. Assuming a new identity she dodges the many unsavoury characters who seek to inflict collateral damage as she attempts to get every closer to the dubious security of the American border.

Written in the time of Trump border security American Dirt is a sharply defined critique that rips apart the conventional notion of what is a poor, displaced immigrant. A mesmerizing and important read that will resonate with you for the longest time.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books

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