American Mother by Colum McCann with Diane Foley – Our Review


Our Review…

American Mother is the story of Diane Foley, mother of American journalist Jim Foley who was kidnapped, tortured and murdered by ISIS.  

In his inimitable narrative, McCann presents Diane’s search of truth, justice and forgiveness in the most empathetic and ‘morally courageous’way and with grace and integrity we know from his previous novel, Apeirogon

This multi-faceted novel will appeal to a wide audience; uncovering radicalisation of youth by ISIS, the ongoing conflict in Syria, the role of, and risks to, war correspondants, justice, motherhood, grief, spirituality and, ultimately, understanding as the only path to forgiveness peace (whether it be in the context of personal or political conflict). 

Review by Katina @Great Escape Books