ANGLESEA to AIREYS INLET & Beyond by Ron Blum – Signed Copies


In the picture pages featuring old postcards you will see several images of the Anglesea River and the many boatsheds that lined its shores. Scenic views of ANGLESEA where housing is sparse at a time when the population was much less than today.

Coastal views showing spectacular cliffs on this rugged coastline and bathers enjoying themselves on a summer’s day, A number of views around the Four King’s Roadhouse with vintage cars galore.
See the camping grounds with vans of yesteryear the post office and shops, the bathing pool, the Anglesea Hotel and much more.

The picture tour continues on to AIREYS INLET with several views of its famous lighthouse and the nearby rugged cliffs. Magnificent views overlooking the beautiful Painkalac River to FAIRHAVEN when houses were few.
Continuing westwards we see views of FAIRHAVEN, MOGGS CREEK, EASTERN VIEW (showing the hotel that got burnt down in Ash Wednesday) and further west to BIG HILL.