Longlisted for 2022 Stella Prize and ABIA Award- Another Day in the Colony by Chelsea Watego – Our Review


Our Review…

I knew how much I wanted to read, ‘Another Day in the Colony’ by author, Indigenous health worker and researcher, but I had no concept of just how much I needed to read it, until I sat, gob smacked, at finishing the first chapter.

This book is a collection of powerfully written essays from the remarkable and expert author and is filled with lived experience that creates a remarkable collection of stories.

Incredibly, Watego examines and communicates what it is like to be Aboriginal in Australia at the present time and it is an insightful and fierce read.

A must read that will have you appropriately uncomfortable and challenged. Truth telling never comes easily, and while many parts of this book are uncomfortable and messy, they are the stark reality for the author and Indigenous people throughout Australia today, this is a book to reflect on and muse over together.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books