Anything is Possible by Elizabeth Strout – Our Review


Our Review…
This beautiful novel captivates you and holds you close. A series of interconnected stories, each one reveals a universal truth that you simply don’t see coming – at times until the very last line. Tommy Guptill has lost his farm years ago to a catastrophic fire. He now spends his time as the janitor at the school and is witness to many things unseen.
Lucy Barton was a student at the school, the poorer than dirt-poor small town girl that on one talked to. She is now the talk of the town having made it good in New York after writing a memoir – she has an insight into everyone but herself.
Patty Nicely is the youngest of five Nicely girls, all of whom are known as the ‘Pretty Nicely’ girls, a phrase both apt and derogatory. She finds love in the most unlikely place.
Elizabeth Strout layers each story until you realise that every individual in the novel, no matter how small, is valuable and essential to the plot – much like people in real life. Uplifting, at times funny and often heartbreaking, this is a truly superb novel.
Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books