Appreciation by Liam Pieper – Our Review


Our Review…

Appreciation is the story of Oli Darling, a queer artist who has been ‘cancelled’ and must find a way to rebuild his career and reputation. Just as Pieper’s protagonist is forced to confront his own privilege, narcissism and self-indulgent pity, Appreciation holds a mirror to a modern Australian society that is all too happy to turn a blind eye to its own pervasive toxic masculinity and chooses to champion myths violent conquest over artistic expression.

Appreciation presents a cast of endearing characters, including the reticent cat ‘Kalashnikov’, who ask us to consider what we value and why and what we burn to bask in the warmth of our own success. Funny without being frivolous, Pieper’s novel will appeal to those who love a good Australian satire in the vain of Robert Gott or Shane Maloney.

 Review by Katina @Great Escape Books

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