Azita and Me by Sarah Martin – Signed Editions


Holly has been keeping a low profile at school to avoid situations where the class bully can make unkind comments about her single sex parents and exclude her. Her strategy is upset when Azita, an Iranian refugee, joins her Year 7 class, and they become friends.

The two girls are opposites, and Holly’s world expands in unexpected ways. It will take
her on a journey towards independence and self-belief and towards a greater understanding
of the natural world. She will have to contend with grief and learn how to live with it and grow beyond it.

Set in an imaginary coastal town in Queensland, Holly’s perceptive and captivating account will resonate across all age groups as she grapples with personal uncertainty and tragedy to hope for a better world.

‘This perfect little gem of a book is a compelling read. Brilliant and insightful, it will set you back on your heels and force you to check out how you feel about many of the subjects tackled in the story line.’
— Judith Flitcroft, author of ‘Walk Back in Time’

‘Beautiful. This book touched my heart and was realistically emotional. I loved it!’
— Radha (age 12)

‘I knew Holly by the end of the novel and I could relate to her thinking at every point. I didn’t want the story to end.’
— Charlotte (age 12)