Balcony Over Jerusalem by John Lyons


An intimate account of the Israel-Palestine conflict and beyond, from one of Australia’s most experienced foreign correspondents.

‘Lyons knows if you stand with the suffering, you’re closer to the truth’ Stan Grant, award-winning journalist and bestselling author

Leading Australian journalist John Lyons takes readers on a fascinating personal journey through the wonders and dangers of the Middle East. In this updated edition, Lyons draws from his years living in Jerusalem to give context to the devastating war between Israel and Palestinians in Gaza and gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at the Israeli occupation of the West Bank.

Having reported on the Middle East for three decades, Lyons has interviewed everyone from senior Israeli military and intelligence figures to key leaders from Hezbollah and Hamas. He’s witnessed the brutal Iranian Revolutionary Guard up close, was kidnapped by Egyptian soldiers, and was one of the last foreign journalists in Iran during the violent crackdown on the ‘Green Revolution’. He’s confronted Hamas officials about why they fire rockets into Israel and Israeli soldiers about why they fire tear gas at Palestinian schoolchildren.

Beyond the politics and headlines, Lyons explains the Middle East through everyday life and experiences: his son’s school, the markets, and the conversations with friends on their balcony overlooking it all. Through Lyons’ incisive reporting, you will develop an empathetic understanding of what brought us to this tragic impasse – and where it’s headed next.