Barkskins by Annie Proulx


Our Review…I cannot speak too highly of this monumental retelling of the history of French Canada by much loved author Annie Proulx- of The Shipping News fame. Over five years in the writing, you will revel in this great historical page-turner that is at turn’s epic heart wrenching and violent. She paints a portrait of Canada from the 1600’s to 2013, following the fortunes of two young French men, René Sel and Charles Duquet who form families in the wilderness. Their fortunes vary over the decades as they inter marry with French colonists, the English rebels and the indigenous Canadian Indian’s – the Mi’kmaw. Annie Proulx is ruthless in her portrayal of the true conditions of this stunningly beautiful but harsh new world, – don’t get too attached to the characters, like a reflection of brutal conditions they live in, she doesn’t hesitate to kill them off and few characters live to a ripe old age. Highly recommended, this is a magnificent and formidable read.
Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books