Becoming by Michelle Obama- Our Review


Our Review- Michelle Obama is a fierce, independent, strong and passionate woman in her own right. Her memoir reflects on her pilgrimage of life, on her Becoming.
Sharing her experiences of racism, of needing to prove oneself and what life really is like for the First Lady.

This book is remarkable. It is eloquent, challenging, deeply moving and astonishing.

It is one of those books that takes your breath away, requiring regular moments of reflection. Not wanting to put it down, you find yourself clutching this sublime hardcover to your heart while the words soak into you.

Michelle Obama has this incredible gift of welcoming people; she does it in person and she brings it into her book, making each and every person realise their worth, their value and their call to create a better world for those who do not have a voice.

‘Becoming’ speaks into our current political climate, reminding us to look for good in the world and to fight for the world we desire our children to grow up in.
Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books