Below Deck by Sophie Hardcastle- Our Review


Our Review:
Twenty one year old Olivia has no idea how amazing she is, stuck in the mundane of finishing University and caring for her melancholic grandfather, Oli is floundering.

The amazing thing about Oli is the way she sees the world, you see, Oli feels the world in colour. Currently her life is a disappointing mottled grey.

When Oli wakes up on a strange boat with no memory of how she came to be, she is befriended by two strangers who come to be treasured allies. Never have the colours of the world been so vibrant for Oli, as she spends the next four years learning to sail the seas.

Later, a deep aching love for the ocean would see Olivia climb aboard a yacht sailing from Noumea to Auckland. Her life forever changed, when below deck, she comes to understand that at sea, no one can hear you scream.

Below Deck is a deeply moving book, with characters that are alarmingly relatable. A book that is deeply felt, and will leave you changed.
Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books