Best Wishes by Richard Glover


Making the world a better, less annoying place one wish at a time.

‘I wish I could think, hope, laugh, dream and, indeed, write like Richard Glover. And I wish every Australian could read this book. A soaring tribute to the power of wishful thinking’ Trent Dalton

‘Glover asks life’s big questions and helps us celebrate the simple joys – bin night, tax receipts that don’t fade and the secret thrill of high-pressure hosing’ Lisa Millar, co-host ABC-TV’s News Breakfast

‘Charming, funny and sincere, this is yet another winning book from the only Boomer worth listening to. A triumph!’ Tom Ballard, comedian

‘He is right about leaf blowers, for example, but quite wrong about breakfast in bed … Richard’s view of the world will frequently have you punching the air and shouting, “Yes!”‘ Jean Kittson, performer, writer and comedian

‘If life is better when we laugh, then this book is the balm’ Jacinta Parsons, broadcaster, writer and co-host of ABC Melbourne’s ‘Friday Revue’

Do you hate noisy restaurants, pre-ripped jeans and pedestrians who walk five abreast?

Do you also have a problem with plastic-wrapped fruit, climate-change deniers and take-away sandwiches priced at $14.95?

And, most of all, do you think the world would be a better place if people got back their sense of humour?

Here’s proof you are not alone. Heartfelt and hilarious, serious but sly, Best Wishes is the encyclopedia of ‘can do better’. It’s a plea for a better world – one wish at a time.