Between You and Me by Joanna Horton – Our Review


Our Review…

Wow. Highly recommended for fans of Sally Rooney, this is one of my favourites this year.

Elisabeth and Mari have been best friends for years, their friendship is a loyal and dependable anchor, a constant in their lives since they joined forces in university. Now, their lives are untethered, as they navigate casual jobs, carefree parties, and the politics of decrepit share houses.

When their lives collide with Jack, a history academic who is twenty years their senior, and a charming, intellectual type who lives a life that contrasts to their own.

Before long, Jack enters their world and as they are enamoured by his charisma and sophistication, he soon becomes the centrepiece of their lives, both a complex web of friendship and a love triangle begins.

Between You and Me follows the lives of Mari and Elisabeth as they navigate life and love, at times watching on from the sidelines to the toxic and dangerous path they are taking but unable to turn away.

This is a brilliant read.

Perfect for readers who enjoy complex characters, nuanced emotional dynamics and a writing style that leaves the story undone and a little messy.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books