Big Cat by Jess Racklyeft (Hardback) – Our Review


Our Review…A most marvellous book to read and explore and then dive back in and discover something new and reread again!
Catherine is an accomplished investigator and learns of a big cat prowling the city of Melbourne. She is neat and tidy and orderly, so she gets organised and packs all the essentials and treks out across the city. Along the way we discover much of her Melbourne with her. But Big Cat is mysterious and chaotic and lawless. When the two do meet, they discover that a little bit of wildness and a little bit of calmess and control are both just wonderful.
Author-Illustrator Jess Racklyeft drew inspiration for Big Cat during lockdown when she couldn’t travel far and was inspired to find her inner wildness in places close to home. The opening and end papers are an incredibly detailed illustrated artworks of the sculptures you can take your children to around Melbourne’s parks, laneways and gardens. This really is a rather exciting and wild book!
Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books