Black, by Fleur Ferris


Our Review…..
A captivating, engaging and riveting book from start to finish. Ebony Marshall is a fascinating character, living under the shadow of a curse or shadow of suspicion, speculation, superstition, mistrust and fear. Her isolation throughout the story will resonate with a female reader, especially with the presence of a teen romance to the overall plot.
Black is a fast paced, thrilling novel about rumour, haunted houses and enduring friendships and it is one I definitely encourage all to read.
Perfect for teens/Young adult.
Review By Jenny @ Great Escape Books

“Fleur Ferris spent the first seventeen years of her life growing up on a farm in Patchewollock, north-west Victoria. She then moved twenty times in twenty years. During this time, Fleur sometimes saw the darker side to life while working for a number of years as a police officer and a paramedic. She now lives a more settled lifestyle on a rice farm in southern New South Wales, with her husband and three young children. Fleur’s colourful and diverse background has given her unique insight into today’s society and an endless pool of experiences to draw from. When she isn’t weaving this through young adult fiction, reading or spending time with her family, you will find her with friends, talking about art, books and travel. Risk is Fleur’s first novel for young adults, and in 2016 she will publish her second novel, Black.”