Booth by Karen Joy Fowler – Our Review


Our Review…

This one is just perfect for the seasoned historical fiction lover, and just as accessible for those who just love a well told story. Written in multiple point of views, the book delves into the life of the Booth family, as in John Wilkes Booth the notable assassin of Abraham Lincoln.

The brilliance in this book, lies in the scope of the story and characters with the book exploring fantastically the experiences of the Booth family.

From their father, Junius Booth, a well regarded Shakespearean actor and a lowly alcoholic. Through to the siblings, of which there was ten in the family.

Rosalie, the oldest daughter lives to care of her siblings and lives a solitary life. Edwin, a sensitive tortured soul who follows in his father’s acting dreams and Asia who is the charismatic sibling.

Of course, we are also opened up into the life of the infamous younger son, Johnny Booth and perhaps given a broader perspective of who he is, how he came to make the decisions he did and how his place in the family dynamics might provide some insight into it all.

A book that is truly fascinating, explores the family behind the scenes and is one to really sink your teeth into.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books