Booth by Karen Joy Fowler – Our Review


Our Review…

Be mesmerized by the intriguing story behind the remarkable Booth clan.

A wondrous family of 10 children, all born under the cloud of illegitimacy, they will collectively rise from poverty to great wealth and fame and then fall into world disgrace before achieving a degree of humble stability.

History knows the Booths principally for the actions of the charismatic and much beloved 2nd youngest Booth son, John Wilkes Booth, son of one of Americas great Shakespearean actors, who in a fit of Confederate madness, murders President Abraham Lincoln in his own playhouse cinema.

However, this is far from just John’s tale. Booth is the story of his remarkable mother, father, and his siblings, not all who will survive the civil war, cholera, deadly snow, and famine. It is also the story of Abraham Lincoln and the Hall Family, a partially freed black family tied indelibly to the kindness of the Booths, who are split in their beliefs over slavery.

An extraordinary novel of a remarkable era in world history, where you can see the effects of racial hate crimes reverberating still today. Amazing! Highly recommended.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books