Bridge Burning and Other Hobbies by Kitty Flanagan


Our Review…Kitty Flanagan is regarded as one of Australia’s best female comedians. She is witty, well spoken, a little unusual and hilarious.

The fear in reading a book by a funny person, is that it won’t live up to expectations. However, as I read ‘Burning Bridges and Other Hobbies’ it felt as though I was sitting down sharing a glass of wine with Flanagan, listening to the latest antics in her adventurous life!

The book is well written in her signature style, it’s easy to hear her voice in the pages. Flanagan, through her stories uses humour and wit to speak on poignant topics.

Kitty is a very clever woman and her intelligence and charm are revealed in her wisdom and advice for all.

Using her life experiences and the gift of retrospect, we revel with her at some of what life throws at us. Her accounts of online dating disasters and break ups are particularly amusing, I found myself chuckling out loud at the ridiculous yet relatable experiences.

Kitty has travelled widely and includes anecdotes and tips for the first-time and seasoned traveller alike. Especially navigating the world of coupledom and travel.

Highly recommended for an uplifting read, laughter is good for the soul and so is Kitty Flanagan!
Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books