Briefly Very Beautiful by Roz Dineen – Our Review


Our Review…

Briefly Very Beautiful by Roz Dineen is a terrifyingly realistic dystopian read that mirrors life today in all the right ways to create a thrilling novel.
The world is unstable, and the city is filled with supply restrictions, climate changes, unsafe air, instability, wildfire, and spreading illness.
Cass is fending for herself and her children, rallying to survive for and provide for her three young children that depend on her alone as her husband swiftly and almost excitedly left to work as a medic in the overseas war.
As safety becomes untenable, Cass moves her little family to her mother in laws home in the countryside, but the promise of a safe haven doesn’t sit right with Cass, and she is forced seek shelter elsewhere.
Settling in a compound with other desperate people surrounding her brings some sense of comfort to Cass until the community begins to show its cracks too.
This is an incredible story of resilience and struggle, the desperate lengths a mother will go to in shielding her little ones. This love laced across the backdrop of a world imploding is a fascinating and poetic story.
A book that makes you reflect on the state of the world, and what is important to us as individuals and a shared humanity.
Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books