Broken Bay by Margaret Hickey – Our Review


Our Review…

Broken Bay is an outstanding third addition to the Detective Sargeant Mark Ariti series. It can be read as part of a series or as a stand-alone, but once you read a single Margaret Hickey, you will be compelled to read them all.

Set in rural South Australia, on the Limestone coast we are welcomed into a world of small country town mentality and the inevitable competing and complex personalities that make the community so diverse.

Detective Sargeant Ariti is holidaying in the wrong place at the wrong time, when a tragedy occurs at his holiday spot, Broken Bay. Receiving a call from his superior to stay in town and support the local police to investigate the death of world renowned cave diver Mya Rennik who drowned tragically while on an exploration dive, on the land of wealthy farmer Frank Doyle.

At the retrieval of Mya’s body, the mystery further deepens with the shocking discovery of another body in the same dark and hollow depths of the underwater caves. Shortly followed by another sudden death at the home of one of Broken Bay’s most prominent families.

As Mark is immersed in the investigation, he must separate fact from fiction and uncover the history of small town, the rivals that feature and create a plan to find the truth while tensions continue to simmer to boiling point.

So so good. Perfect for fans of crime fiction, with vivid storytelling you will find yourself transported to a world of cave diving and the South Australia small town coast.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books